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California School Campus Database (CSCD) is a GIS data set that contains detailed outlines of the lands used by public schools for educational purposes. This site is to support the improvement of GIS data for school campus boundaries in California. School boundary data is crucial to analysis of activities to be encouraged or discouraged in relation to a set "distance from a school" (here, the outer perimeter). Disclaimer: this data is not for any use involving legal determinations of property boundaries.

Users can create and edit boundaries for individual schools, as well as to attach general notes for future review. GreenInfo welcomes interest from those who might wish to invest in the maintenance or expansion of this important data set.

General inquiries can be sent to cscd@greeninfo.org

The creation and release of CSCD was funded by a grant from Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program to Stanford Prevention Research Center (PI: Lisa Henriksen, PhD, grant #22RT-0142).


GreenInfo Network staff continue to collect and create boundaries for all active public schools in California State. The following is an outline of the basic steps used to create school boundaries. Users can find out more in the user manual.

  1. Obtain current list of schools from the California Department of Education (CDE).
  2. Review the latitude/longitude and street address provided.
  3. Geocode the state provided school list, as step 2 revealed many of the lat/long locations were erroneous.
  4. Obtain existing readily data available for school boundaries without use restrictions. Currently: California Environmental Health Tracking Program of the CDPH , San Mateo County, San Francisco County, and San Diego County.
  5. Individually review all school points in relation to assessor parcel data (boundaries and ownership where available), aerial imagery, zoning data, Open StreetMap data, and local relevant data sources to define the boundary of the school property. Schools with boundaries from step 4 were also reviewed/adjusted as necessary.

Data Sources

School Boundaries, School Centroids, University Campus, and Community College lands: CSCD 2021 californiaschoolcampusdatabase.org

CDE Reported Location: California Department of Education, last updated 11/30/2020

Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTAs) and School Districts (elementary/secondary/unified): TIGER 2020

The first release of CSCD was funded by a grant from Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program to Stanford Prevention Research Center (PI: Lisa Henriksen, PhD, grant #22RT-0142).

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Note: Edits do not change existing data, but submit them for consideration.

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