Welcome to LWCF Edition


Welcome to MapCollaborator™ LWCF Edition

Use this application to explore state LWCF projects. Only selected states' data are available - if you have state data to add, let us know.

Choose from the actions below to review existing projects and add your comments or proposed edits to the map.

To get started, explore by using Zoom to Location or just zoom in using the map tools, or use the Search function to locate projects. Use other panels to add map notes or upload data. Use the Layers box to turn data on/off.

This MapCollaborator edition is an exploratory application for LWCF administration, created by GreenInfo Network with support from the USGS Gap Analysis Program. Note that the PAD-US parks data may not be complete in some areas. The PAD-US layers are USGS web services may not display at close-in zoom levels.

Zoom to a location

Choose a location by using the zoom tools on the map, search for a location below, or pick a location from the list.

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Post a note on the map

Click the button below, then move your cursor over the map. Place the marker to indicate where you would like to post a note, and fill in the fields below. Please be as precise as possible.

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Add a project location

Once zoomed in, click the Place button below, then drag the marker to the appropriate location on the map and then fill in the details.

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Your contact info:

Select file to upload:
Note: Shapefiles must be zipped and include valid .prj

Pan and zoom the map, and then click on a point. This box will be replaced with a form containing the point's current information so you may edit it, and the map will show a draggable marker so you can put the point into the correct location.

This tool is appropriate for adding a note or correction to a previously-submitted point location.

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